WTS 52.7mil sp Max Rorq pilot cap building 5

No kill rights
Positive wallet
2 jc’s - Torrinos full set of +5’s & Mining foreman mindlink
- Sehmy - full set of +4’s & Mining foreman mindlink
Remap available now
sitting in jita 4-4

Password: 123

Cap ind 5
Mining drone spec 5
Good bonuses - Nearly max
Capital Ship Construction 5
11 build slots
jdc/jfc 5
Good PI skills
Rorqual Nocx Rush SKIN (Permanent) skin for rorq

Bidding starts at 30 Bil
Reserve: 48bil
buyout: 52bil

Auction ends in 1 week or if buyout is reached, whatever happens first. (Sunday 4th march at DT )

i will pay transfer. I don’t log in much but will try and check mails

43 bill

Bump to the top

44 bil

45 bil

46 bil

Bump to the top

Bump. answered all the ingame mails. Buyout added to the main post. Still open to offers.

Ends Sunday at DT

Back to the top. Ends Sunday :slight_smile:

49 bill

@Kloz_Rinz Congrats you win :slight_smile: Please send isk and info to me ingame and i will start the transfer

isk and account info sent

@Kloz_Rinz transfer started enjoy

char received, tyvm.

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