WTS 52.7mil sp Max Rorq pilot cap building 5

(Olivia Berett) #1

No kill rights
Positive wallet
2 jc’s - Torrinos full set of +5’s & Mining foreman mindlink
- Sehmy - full set of +4’s & Mining foreman mindlink
Remap available now
sitting in jita 4-4

Password: 123

Cap ind 5
Mining drone spec 5
Good bonuses - Nearly max
Capital Ship Construction 5
11 build slots
jdc/jfc 5
Good PI skills
Rorqual Nocx Rush SKIN (Permanent) skin for rorq

Bidding starts at 30 Bil
Reserve: 48bil
buyout: 52bil

Auction ends in 1 week or if buyout is reached, whatever happens first. (Sunday 4th march at DT )

i will pay transfer. I don’t log in much but will try and check mails

:parrotbeer: Bring Out Your Toons! Buying Characters Now!
(Mdm Curie) #2

43 bill

(Olivia Berett) #3

Bump to the top

(Dzhus Tawate) #4

44 bil

(Lu Azizora) #5

45 bil

(Dzhus Tawate) #6

46 bil

(Olivia Berett) #7

Bump to the top

(Olivia Berett) #8

Bump. answered all the ingame mails. Buyout added to the main post. Still open to offers.

Ends Sunday at DT

(Olivia Berett) #9

Back to the top. Ends Sunday :slight_smile:

(Kloz Rinz) #10

49 bill

(Olivia Berett) #11

@Kloz_Rinz Congrats you win :slight_smile: Please send isk and info to me ingame and i will start the transfer

(Kloz Rinz) #12

isk and account info sent

(Olivia Berett) #13

@Kloz_Rinz transfer started enjoy

(Kloz Rinz) #14

char received, tyvm.

(system) #15

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