WTS 55.8m SP - Amarr Carrier V, Caldari Carrier IV FAX (1m SP unallocated)


42b b/o

40b Ok if still up

No prob! Have fun mate

Bump www

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Bump www (I’ll bump with the right character when there is a multi connect, ban me for it if that’s such a crime. And in the meantime little capo that are not even mod can get lost @Nicholas_A_Flamel )

37Bil - I pay isk as soon as u agree

Hi, looking for something a bit higher, thanks for the B/O offer though o7

i’ll offer 38b b/o

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39 B offer

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Accepting in 30 min if no other offers

Please send isk to the char + mail him with account to transfer to and will proceed

Okey !

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Are u online? , i started convo .

Waiting for response before i send isk .

I’ll offer 40 if i still can

Already sold .
I sent isk and account info .
Please reply to confirm .

41 bil

Sold to @Ninja_Baby for 39B, should have manifested earlier. Isk received starting transfer (You sent me the message with another toon right?)