Rurakulf Beldrulf Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

SP: 55 000 000
Location: Jita 4-4
Sec Status: 0.8
Wallet: 50M
Implants : YES
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clone: None

-Marauder lvl 4 (Vargur Pilote)
-BlackOps lvl 5
-Tengu/Proteus/Loki lvl4/5
-Cyno lvl 5
-Covert Ops lvl 4
-Interceptor lvl 4
-Interdictor lvl 4
-Cruise Caldari/Galente/Minmatar/Amarr lvl 5
-Recon Ship lvl 5
-Triglavian Pilote Leshak/vedmak lvl 4 - Drekavak lvl 5

-Hulk/Covetor/Skiff lvl 4

DST/Blockade Runner Caladari pilote

Bidding starts at 45b*
B/O: 70b*

42 B B/O

45B should be good for the start …

42 B is extraction value. Any above and you’re looking for people who want to use this character. You need to wait for someone specifically looking for this toon. With those skills, I’m sure you’ll get someone to bid.


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43 bill


I dont want to wait anymore , if your offert always on, i take it !

@Riperd_Jacks Or your offert , the first come , the first have

@Rurakulf_Beldrulf account info and isk sent

ok , i check that


Transfert Done , ISK transfert OK .

Thanks for the trade , fly safe .

Damn T-T

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