WTS 56.9M SP Capital/Logistics/Mining character(Closed)

I am for sale and looking for a good home.


Amarr carrier 5
Amarr freighter 5
Jump freighter 5
Exhumers 5
Jump drive cal 5
Jump fuel conservation 5

No kill rights
Positive wallet
Located in High sec
Remap available with 1 bonus

Well on my way to being either a competent Rorqual or Amarr cap pilot.

1 week auction. Ending July 12th, 2020 02:00 UTC
Starting bid: 40 Billion
B/O: None

40 Bil

40,5 b offer

41 Bil

Update end time to reflect eve time

41.5b offer

42 bill

Daily bump

Auction is still active

43 Bill

43.5 bil

Only a couple days left on the auction

45 bil

Final day of the auction

Last hour of the auction

47 if its still available

I have contacted the original winner, but I have not received a response. I will contact you soon if I do not hear from that person.

Character has sold and has been transferred.

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