WTS 56 m pilot: ready to fly thanny, loki (47 bil b.o)

Full Skill list https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Evgeniy_Str

Sec. status -1.5 ; two jump clones, positive wallet, no kill rights

Mining Barge and Gallente Frigate learned in V

According to extraction value I can get like 42 bil including omega payment to start extracting. So please no offers below 42 bil. Really I prefer handle toon to someone rather that stripping it off. I wonder if I get any more than its extraction value. I set b/o at 47 bil. Waiting for your offers, friends!

45BO right now)

thank you for a good offer, I will be making a decision soon, I will lyk

45.5 bil

Thank you for bidding! Auction ends tomorrow.

last bump, you everyone still got the chance, 47 bil b.o , 45.5 highest bid

Auction comes to the end. Only 2 persons show interest in my character :frowning: Zazzel Blackthorn, you are a winner. I am ready for deal when you are. Send me all required transfer info

ISK and account info sent via in-game mail.

As you confirmed transfer via PLEX, please let me know the support ticket number otherwise I’ll consider this sale suspect and report it.

yes, transfer will be conducted with plex. Sorry, I didn’t know that you need ticket number. I will check it when got back and post it here. Don’t worry, I am not a scammer

Please do so ASAP, or contact me via your main in game. Saying ‘I am not a scammer’ doesn’t prove anything.

Sure, will do

Still no evidence of transfer or support ticket number (this would have been emailed to you immediately, so either you haven’t done it or you are lying).

At this stage I’m treating this as a scam and reported to GM.

scamer 100% he offer it for me after got isk from you

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