WTS 56mil Rorq/Refiner + pilot

character will come with 0 isk balance
character may come with some random assets
character will be in 00 space with no implants
accepting bids/buyouts for 7 days from 8/18/2018 EST US 9:00 pm
reserve hidden
starting bid is ur own idea.
character is in non player corp.

35b to start you off

Thank you so much for starting off but I am looking for a little bit more. In fact I tried to PM you.

just convoed you!

40b b/o @Queen_Currency

41 bil


42 bil

43B b/o @Queen_Currency

44b offered

would just like to make a public service reminder that this toon does not have capital industrial, Invulnerability core, or jump drive skills. Make sure you know what you are paying for!

Edit: Spelling

44.5 bil

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