WTS 57M SP Specialized Research/Indus/Trade

Date of Birth 2007.09.24
Skill Points 56 946 506
Unallocated SP 326 275
Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 2
No killrights
Positive balance


Bump… Still for sale.

Daily bump :slight_smile:

I’ll put a bid up, 35B. I believe that’s more than you extracting her down to 5M sp by at least a couple billion. Let me know :blush:

Sorry, I expect at least 40b, this char is focused and can be usefull for somebody that wants good reprocess, trade and science skills.

About extracting: If you extract 52M from 57M, it will cost 40b in extractor and I can sell for 79B.
So I can get 39B (less some tax).

The current value of your extractable SP, net of tax, with minimal labor is 36.4 billion.

No need to go to that trouble. I will offer you 38 billion.

Retracted for now

Maizie, it’s for you for 38b if you are still interested .

Still interested ;=)

Mail sent to you in game, additional information requested for verification purposes. The ISK and account info will be sent promptly upon your reply.

Edit: Thanks for your reply. The ISK and account information has been sent.

Transfer started at 08:34 (UTC+1) and paid.
Thanks Maizie for the trade.

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