WTS 5m SP trader


5mil SP Station trader

2 bonus remaps available and regular remap available.

0,8 caldari state
2.74 caldari navy

Wallet Ballance - Positive
Kill Rights - None
Security Status - 0
Jump Clones - None
Located in Jita 4 - Navy Assembly Plant

Buyout at 5b

All CCP rules apply and I will pay the transfer fee

I’ll take it for 4.5b

Will take 4.5b if Bananaboat Blues is still intrested. Otherwise, bump. Online/monitoring forum atm.

nvm sorry

then still available, online now!

Daily bump

Daily bump

Mail offer agreed in game.

ISK transferred and account details provided to facilitate transfer

Confirming that an agreement has been made. ISK received, character transfer is commenced. Good luck with your new character!

cheers, thanks for an easy transaction

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