WTS 6.6M SP Toon (canceled)


Cybernetic V
Caldari Cruiser V
Medium hybrid turret V

Toon created to fly T2 Eagle (in 9 days) and T3 Tengu (in 17 days)

Remap available
Clean history

BO 7.5 B

5.5 bil b/o

Is there a remap available?

Eve Skillboard says “bonus remaps: 0”

If there is a remap available, I’ll offer 5.7b, isk ready.

7.5 BO right now

After thinking, i decided to not sell my toon.

Unfortunately the API only returns bonus remaps and not not normal ones. It does return a date of last used, but I’d rather not guess and be wrong about a normal one being present. So still have to confirm with the seller on that.

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