WTS 63.4M SP Cov/Bomb, Inti, Ewar, Exhum, Logi, FAX

All Scan/Probe at L5, Good Bomber, Exhumer, Logi, FAX, Rorq beginner


Timezone UK GMT
Buy Out or Highest Bid on Sunday 10/2/19 downtime wins
Good Name and History

Positive wallet balance.
No kill rights.
No jump clones.
Char located in high-sec.
Positive security status.

All Scan/Probe at L5, Good Bomber, Exhumer, Logi, FAX, Rorq beginner

Training Minmatar Capital II-III
Queued Capital V (31 Days remaining)

starting bid 43bil

53 bil BO

50 bil

Thank you for the bid Vulgus Carovigra, hope you are successful

50.5 bil

52 bil

Hi to all the bidders, my apologies for the late response, but as of Friday I went down with and am still recovering from a very bad flu, between all he coughing and fevers I’ve not logged in to any thing for a few days.

If you still want the character Maizie Fields, I will contact you first.

Confirming my interest, will respond in game!

Information and details requested have been sent in game,

Thank you again for your continued interest.

Thanks, Mike! The ISK and account information has been sent.

Confirmed receipt of the ISK,

Can confirm that the character transfer payment has just been processed.

Transfer receipt received.
“You have chosen to transfer the character Mikieus to the account named **********”.
We are currently processing this transfer. "

The character is in Amarr and has a ship to fly in.

Thank your again for interest and purchase, much appreciated, fly safe. o7

Transfer confirmed. Thanks, Mike, for a fast, fair and friendly deal. Get well soon!!

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