WTS 63m SP sub cap pilot pve/pvp

can fly Dictors,Hic,Golem with t2 torps
Gila and Rattlesnake.
kiki,dreka,leshak with t2 guns
tengu,proteus, ishstar,nestor, tactical dest lvl 5
comand destroyer, comandship Vulture/eos with links.


As per CCP Policy:
63m sp
negetive sec status -1.133015347
Positive wallet
Currently located in high sec(jita)
i have 2 kill rights.
Npc corp skillsheet hasent updated yet.
starting bid 40B
Buy out: 50B or make an offer

43bil buy out. isk in hand

if you can do 47b il accept that

best i can do is 44. Let me know

46B offer

Bid acepted :slight_smile:

OK isk sent´╝îwait char

thanks isk recived char transferd.

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