Wts 66 m sp toon (Logistic Cruisers, Marauders, Recon ships)

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/N00BsaiBOT Skill sheet

Sec status 5, no kill rights, few standard implants set, neural remap available, 2 jump clones (both in nul sec), npc corp.

B.o 52 bil isk

ill do 52b b/o

I’ll do 53b

53 suits me better, auction ends. Sold for 53 bil to Ziggy Azzarelll

Send me your account info and isk, I will initiate transfer

Ok give me abt an hr to get to my computer and login.

Sorry man, im going to have to pass. Had a look at those standings. I don’t want to deal with that stuff.

Do you still want to make a deal for 52 bil?

yeah ill do 52b. How is transfer being conducted?

Thank you for fast response. Xsfer will be conducted with cc

sending isk and account info

Has transfer been initiated?

ESI tokens revoked as expected. Scam ticket sent

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