Wts 68 M SP subcap/comand ship

no kill rights
no implants
positive wallet
locate in jita
1 jump clone
50b start bid
60b BO
transfer with plex (if you want instant transfer with usd you need pay 3b to price)

52 bil

good offer I will wait I little

so no more offer, ill accept this one. contact in game pls when you be ready. or just send isk with data

Hi Sierra, I have contacted you in game. ISK and account will be sent upon your reply ;=)

Password for skillboard?

Please advise on the status of the PLEX transfer.

password 123456
transfer started 5 hours ago

Please check the password, that one doesn’t work.

I have not received an email from CCP confirming the transfer, so I assume you are still transferring with PLEX. PLEX transfers are not subject to a 10 hour transfer delay. Please clarify the status of the transfer.

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