WTS 6M SP Probing Toon


No Killboard History
Covert Ops

Skillz PW:123

Starting Bid 4B

Buyouts: Make me an offer.

Auction will end 22/04/2018 9:00PM EVE TIME

I will start you off at 4b

4.5b isk ready

5b B/O

5.1 b/o

5.5b B/O

bump 5.5B highest offer atm

5.6b isk ready

bid withdrawn - sold character

6b B/O

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Bump Pia Sweet is leading atm

1 Day to go Pia Sweet is leading


6.1b ignoring that idiot above me :eyes:

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No response from OP. Bid retracted.

Bidding from the beer garden, living the dream :wink:

6.5b B/O

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are you trolling? i eve mailed you, and conved you ingame…

PIA Sweet highest bidder once again

PIA sweet wins the auction, will transfer upon receiving isk.

No Reply from PIA, toon available again