WTS 72.9m t2Rorq, JDC-JFC5, FAX, Near Perfect Scanning Industrial/Capital Pilot

Hi all, I hate to do this. But I like shiny toys, and thus, it’s time to let Genevieve go. She is a fantastic character, and will serve you well. Here are some of her awesome traits:

~ Nearly 73 million SP, with almost 10m in Drones alone
~ Can Fly a t2 industrial core Rorqual for some of the easiest $$$ making in the game
~ Can Fly a Carrier
~ Can Fly 2 types of Jump Freighters, with Jump Fuel Calibration 5! Save $ on fuel!
~ Has a modest amount of science for invention, and resource processing for industry
~ Can build capital ships

Here is her skill sheet and standings/implants/etc: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Genevieve_Mitsuda

She is in a “newbie” corp, she has no kill rights in or out, she will be located in high sec at the time of transfer, and I will be using a cash transfer…that means only the 10 hour wait for you!

She has a positive wallet balance and will have one when transferred.

I’d like to start the bidding at 50 billion ISK for this character. I hope you can appreciate the love and affection I poured into her over the years. Thank you for taking your time to look at this sale!

Auction Start: NOW :smiley: @ 50 billion ISK
Auction End: 1-12-19 23:59 EVE Time
Buyout: When I see something I cannot resist!!

55 bil

Here is your Thursday bump! GATEWAY TO THE WEEEEKEEEENNNNDDD…also added that she’s a pretty damned good FAX pilot (Minokawa).

Friday is here and only one more work day until the weekend. Let’s make it a good one folks! Buy my character!

56 bill

Mdm Curie has the high bid at 56! Thank you madam.

57 bil

58 bill

58 billion ISK is our top bid for this beautiful and cold Saturday morning. We will be selling this character at midnight EVE tonight. Lets get those bids in folks!!

59 bil

60 bill

61 bil

61 is our top bid and will sell for that much - auction ends in less than 4 hours! Get your bids in! Super cheap for this kind of character!!!

If no further bids placed in the next 10 minutes, Toni will win at 61. A steal if you ask me!!

@ToniLux_Miromme I will take your bid of 61 billion ISK as a final and winning bid. Please send ISK and I will post again when I have sent the character. Be sure to evemail me with what account you want her transferred to. Congratulations!

isk and account details sent

Character Transfer Initiated

Dear ,

You have chosen to transfer the character Genevieve Mitsuda to the account named .

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

thanks o7

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