WTS 72m SP (Combat, Subcap)

WTS 72m SP (Subcap Combat spec)

70 billion to start.

Eveboard Link
Decent KB start

  • Positive wallet
  • No kill rights
  • 1 jump clone in null, 1 jump clone in lowsec.
  • Located in null. Can be moved to empire upon request

2 remaps available

70B buyout will be accepted

65B Isk Ready when he is in highsec

65.5B 。

67B isk ready

Roger that Moruk.

I’ll let this go one day or so more, i’ve set a B/O at 70B.

An in-game offer of 69 billion has been received.

confirm my offer of 69b ingame and iam ready to send isk

Confirmed Moruk, offer accepted.

ISK And Account Info Sent, waiting for Transfer

Char transfered, waiting for completion.

Charakter Recived can be closed

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