WTS 7M SP Utility Subcap PVP Char


Positive wallet and sec status. No kill rights, standings, assets or clones. In Jita 4-4.

Sabre / Inties / Cyno / Covert Cyno

Looking for at least 5.5b to break even on extracting.

how are you breaking even with 5.5 a 7m char can only be extracted for 4 injectors, even if the inj-extr diff was 500m (it isnt) you would get at most 2b

Char transfer costs 1000 PLEX, which is 3.6b. 2 + 3.6 = 5.6


one last bump before I melt this poor char’s brain and sell it for parts

Hi I’d like to offer 5.5b

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