WTS 8.7m Subcap pilot, incursion cruisers frigate battleships

Hi, i not need this char anymore


is for sale. Offer decent and i sale.

Is in high sec, no killing rights, positive wallet

Answer the thread, dont send eve mail.

5 B offer

800k for m, i sell in 6.8, your offer is too low.

low sp means the extraction value is negligible, -4 amarr standings mean i either need to fix that or walk a very fine line, 8 million sp of sporadically trained skills means you can not really fly anything well and no skilbooks or implants of any significance. I think you may be overvaluing what this character is worth.

Surely not. +9 brutor tribe standings.

Thanks for answer.

Your character is ■■■■ for incursions, most incursions are in amarr space which you cannot go to because of standings.

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Thanks for answer. You and me know the extracytors value is 3.7 + the base char, my price is right.

Thanks for answer.

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