WTS>80m SP Revenant / Vendetta Pilot/ Focused Skills

(Kailee Goldetaku) #1


Selling a Focused super pilot.

All Carrier Skill Lvl 5
All fighter skills are at 5.

Are in Jita atm with Great Implants across Clones
She also has a Sansha Victory skin from an Alliance tournament.
Remap in 2 weeks
FAX capable


Start offer @ 70b
B/O 80b

Low Ballers not welcome.

(Lily Bukandara) #2

start 55b

(Kailee Goldetaku) #3

Your offer is too low, its even below the price if I just extracted it instead.
So, no thank you :slight_smile:


(Kailee Goldetaku) #4

Perfect Super Pilot Still for Sale, Can Fly All Carriers

(Maizie Fields) #5

Nice toon, I’ll offer 62.5 billion (2 billion over current net minimal-labor extract value)

(Ishee Makara) #6

63b B/O

(Kailee Goldetaku) #7

Still for sale.

(Kailee Goldetaku) #8

Still for sale

(Kailee Goldetaku) #9

For Sale Still