WTS 83m Cap/JF Pilot (Perfect Jump Skills, Dread V, JF V, T2 Cap Lasers)

http://eveskillboard.com/pilot/DontBeFooledByTheRocks (This one works :D)

83,608,162 SP
1 Remap/3 Bonus Remaps
Positive Security Status
Positive Wallet
No KillRights

3 JC, All 3 have set of +4s, 2 have a Foreman MindLink

Skill Highlights:

  • Capital Energy Turret V
  • Amarr Dread V
  • Capital Repair Systems V
  • Cloaking V
  • Cyno V
  • TWR V (Siege II)
  • Cyber V
  • Jump Freighters V

I am not the original owner of this tool, it was won in a Competition

All CCP Rules apply, I’ll pay transfer fee (most likely with a GM ticket, so prepare for a 1d-5d wait)

B/O 73b

64 billion.


66 billion.

68 bil

Almost to the sell point. Up we go

Character still for sale! Lets shoot for 73b

Another day, Another Bump.

Character still For sale 73b

Lowered B/O to 73b, may move for 71bish if offered while i’m available. Can be online for the next 5 hours

69 billion.

Meet me at 70b?

69 is my limit, sorry.

69.5 bil

Whatcha say @TxivYawg1 70b and we start the transfer?

I’m online now, can start transfer

Still waiting to hear back frmo Txiv.

Happy to sell to a matching 70b offer

Accepted offer

I can start the transfer in 2 hours when I get home. Send isk and account by then

Well no word back from @TxivYawg1 after he said he’d transfer isk last night. If hes still interested I’ll still honor/accept his offer.

Until then, back up we go, looking for ~70b

If you look at his profile, he was online few minutes ago. He also let another seller hanging dry, without replying for days.

He seems to be just trolling and bidding on things he can’t buy… Probably to drive up the price for other buyers.

He seems to have purchased quite a few characters in the past. Why he would destroy his reputation like this is beyond me.

@Perpetualed does your 69b offer still stand?