WTS 89m SP - Subcap PVP pilot - Strategic cruisers / Marauders / Explorer / wh ready

Ready for L4 with Marauders.
Great scanning and exploration skills.
Can fly almost most subcaps from the 4 races (currently training Black Ops)

Wallet balance: positive

Kills rights: none

Jumps clones:

Char info:

  • Location: High sec - Jita - Station

  • 763,490 unallocated SP

  • sec status 3.0+

Looking for a new home, will most likely take highest bid by Sunday.


65 bil BO now

And a twix please. I can extract for much more than that. Rejected

67 bil

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68Bil B/O

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b/o is around 90b but I’ll take your bid

I would do 70b, noway you getting 90

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YHea it’s far beyond extraction. But nice implants, nice skins, decent char overall for a main

Last offer 71B

Registered, will wait till eod

isk and mail information have been sent.

has this sold?

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Nop, will take a buyer tonight

“will wait till eod”

Money returned @Cabbage66

So how much is this?

What are we up to?

Current bid is 71b from @Cabbage66

Let’s give it a few more days, or a B/O offer (cause it was messed yesterday)

I don’t understand. Why are you wasting our time.

ISK matters more to him so he is not wasting time

He accepted the offer when I first started, and when I sent him isk and email info, he withdrew the post and wanted more…