WTS 9.2Mil perfect helios scanner/ cyber 5 pilot for sale

Location: NPC Station
Wallet: Positive
Kill Rights: No
Jump Clones: 1x in perimeter
Remap: 2


Cyber 5
Gallente Frigate 5
Covops 5
Astrometric Acquisition 5
Astrometric Pinpointing 5
Astrometric Rangefinding 5
Astrometrics 5

Mixed +4/+5 implant pod

Taking offers

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6 bil offer

Sorry for the late reply, I will be willing to let it go for 6Bil. let me know if you want to go through with the sale.

Want to Buy Now. 6 bil

well okay ill be on for the next hour or so, send the isk/ eve mail of account you the character transferred to

where should I send the isk?

isk recieved, character transfer started,

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We can have problems because my account is not omega?

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