WTS 93,26 M SP Subcap God - Perfect Tank

I’m for sale.

Positive Wallet.
Located in high-sec.
Security Status -0.67
No kill rights.
92,748,477 SP
512,000 unallocated sp (so 93,260.477 total SP)
0 bonus remaps

Details: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Syndro

Nearly Perfect Shield and Armor Skills.

Bids Starting at: 80 Bill.
(I wont sell it under that Bid, because thats what i got for just Extract it + Transfer.)
All CCP Rules Apply!

74b offered

sorry but i get 79,5 Bill for extracttion.
So i wont sell under that limmit.

You can only extract down to 5m SP. If you extracted the character down to 5m SP, you would get about 71b back. Im offering 74b.

Same here.

  • 5 mill =
    88 mill SP thats 176 injectors at 436 mill net per injkector 76,736 Bill + Transfer

You’re forgetting 1% sales tax and brokers fees. Its a profit of 397m per injector at current prices. Your value of the profit per injector is way off.

are you interested in both chars at same time? or only one?
i would go down with my prices if ur interested in both.

141 bil for Syndro and Khronoin (67 for Knronin and 74 for Syndro)

Gattanera can u convo me ingame?

i accept your bid. please send isk and account name.

isk and account name recieved.
trasnfer started.

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