WTS/A 60.0M SP Min/Amarr Carrier Pilot, HAC & Recon

As the post says, Selling myself…

Character Has…

  • Minimal Free SP
  • Amarr & Minmatar Carriers
  • Positive Standing
  • Positive wallet
  • No killrights
  • 1 Remap + 2 Bonus remaps
  • Main clone is in High Sec
  • Jump Clone in ON-3RO - Delve

Start & Min price - 35B
Buyout - 50B

Sale will run until game time runs out regardless of price on 09/10/2022 or a decent offer is made.

Mail to Rocket Ralph or Serenety Steel

Thanks for looking, Gracias.

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  • 35B offer can be bought out?

36b offer

37 bil

Not unless that is the highest offer before the end date :sunglasses:

38 bil

39 bil

Lets give this a new uppage :wink:

what a great toon

40B ?

Up we go :sunglasses:

41 bil

Quick nudge upwards

i wanna buy u out rn whats the best ur take?

42 bil

45 buy out my best offer fighter skils aint 5

46 bil offer stands for 12 hrs

Agreed, Send an eve mail to Rocket Ralph for account name and isk.

email sent.

isk sent