WTS all races T2 cruiser/tackle rorq toon 47m SP

Want to see interest for my subcap toon.
(Can fly tackle rorqual aswell)

  • Minmatar, Caldari, Gallente and Amarr Cruiser V
  • Most links skills V
  • Scanning skills IV/V
  • Gunnery support skills IV/V
  • Cyno V

Great and diverse toon with good skills, mainly used for fleet ops and light/heavy tackle/interdictor stuff.
(All the skills are there for making it a mining rorq toon aswell)


B/O is 45b but make decent offers and we shall see, otherwise… free bumpage :smiley:


@Zasha_Acimi 24b offer

No thanks :slight_smile:


I bid 30b

Getting there, thanks for the offer!

To the top!


Very well, I bid 33b :slight_smile:

Thanks for the bid again, im looking for something closer to 40b, if you can make another decent offer i’d consider it, otherwise daily bump! :slight_smile:

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