WTS Amarr JF / Indy Pilot 18M Sp


Selling myself to the right owner! 18M SP!


  • Positive Wallet
  • No Kill Rights,
  • Jita 4-4


  • JDC 5
  • JDO 5
  • Amarr Frieghter 5
  • JF 5
  • Advanced Lab 5
  • Retail 5
  • Trade 5

Starting Price: 12b
B/O: 17b

12 bil!!!

14b BO ready now

bump! Current Highest 14b

I’m not bidding it’s my offer, feel free to make me a counter offer otherwise I’m withdrawing it

14.5b BO as agreed, ISK sent with account name

Confirming 14.5B.

ISK and Account Info received.

My account is ready for the transfer, poke me when you initiate it please.


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