WTS C3 w/ HS Static, Revelation and Nidhoggur included. (9 Planets w/POCO and 40 + Moons)

This WH is a CASH COW! Mining, Anomolies, Sites and PI easily make over a billion a day in this hole. High sec static allows you to export your goods quickly.

Starting Bid: 7.5 bil
Buyout: 15 bil
Bidding closes June 10, 2019

Revelation and Nidhoggur are hulls only.

Azbel fit to defend and produce more capitals with 1 month of fuel in system.
Fortizar fit to defend and dock capitals with 1 month of fuel in system.

There are 40+ moons for mining many with very high value ore!
The 9 Planets in system are listed below, all of them have a POCO that is included in the purchase.


There are also 2 high value moons producing over 6mil in ore per hour on the drill. Thats about 1 bil per week!


Current high bid is 7.5 bil!

What is the J code for the hole?

For security reasons we will not be releasing that.
This is to protect the purchaser as they can be vulnerable during transfer.

:wink: might wanna review that security. looks good for newbies!

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You could hack the Pentagon!

i will give you 8…


I can offer you 10…

High bid is 10 bill!

I would bid, but considering members of Hard Knocks Inc. have posted in this thread and know your hole code seems like those structures have a target on them…

I was about to say the same thing.

POCOs are already getting targetted.

This is the issue with posting so much detail in a WH sale thread…

Is this still available?

It is!

But i guess without nid and rev and full wh of dudes…

Keep guessing!

Messaged you in game

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