WTS CIout - a 31M sp dictor/cmd dessi pilot


CIout here, I am a 31M sp specialized dictor/cmd dessi pilot with good gunnery skills. I am for sale for 25B

You can find my skillboard link here (EveSkillboard) pw:1234

Be advised that the “I” in my name is actually a capital “i”. Clout with the “L” was taken.


  1. People checking your zkb will fumble over the capital “i” in my name. Precious time spent searching while you position your dictor.

  2. Good gunnery skills on a sabre allows for more confident 1v1 matchup against dessi down targets. You also only need a month of drones training to have an draugur alt effectively.

  3. You can literally buy cIout.


  1. The sp allocated to gunnery/trig dessi is useless if all you want is a dictor/backpack bifrost alt.

  2. Non skirm links are only to trained to 4, you need an extra month of training each to use shield/armor/info mindlinks.

  3. You’re paying premium for CIout.

16 b offer

19bil buyout

Agreed to purchase for the asked for price 25B, will send isk and account info for transfer upon confirmation of offer acceptance

Confirm acceptance of 25B offer. Thank you for the prompt reply

Isk and account info sent, thanks for the fast sale

Confirmed isk received, just initiated the transfer process so the ball is in CCP’s court.

Thank you for your business.

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