WTS Extracted Pilot w/ Golden Pod + Lots of Fancy Expensive Skins! Start a new life in style!


The character has the following skins:

It’s quite niche but a unique opportunity to start a new character without needing to invest in some of the skins you really want!

Per the rules:

  • Positive wallet
  • No kill rights
  • A few jump clones in T5Z: +5 Set and Genolution Set
  • In Perimeter TTT

5b is a good place to start!

am interested just gotta consider if i wanna put money in a new character

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im a sucker for buying stuff i really dont need but he looks cool, if you can wait 24hour while i delete a alt ill give you 5bil for him, thanks, o7

Yup, let’s do it! Send the ISK and account name when you’re ready. I’ll keep an eye out and send it over.

I’ve received the ISK, per your message I should get the account name around 20:00 Eve time.

thankyou, sent account name, fly safe o7.

Got it, transfer started, thank you!

Another player is transferring the character N’Fain to your account named xxxxxx - thankyou very much, fly safe o7

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