WTS Female Ganker/Interceptor/Cyno IV / Cyber IV 5m

Hi, i am selling this pilot, is a ganker pilot

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Fadeling evemon shows 4.96m points

  • capable to use T2 weapons
  • can use a barge to distract and check targets
  • Minmatar Ceptor = Stiletto
  • Cyno IV in two hours
  • Cyber IV with implants +4

is in Hek, positive wallet, no killrights, all ccp rules apply

Eve board is having problem, use evemon instead.

  • vcode api key removed -

Cyno IV trained, was stopped at 4.99 , you can put a large injector with full effect if u want.


BUMP wednesday

BUMP 21 sep

Bump Friday

Bump saturday

bump sunday

bump 26 september

How much ya looking for, also how far from a sabre?

2.8b, I dont play with HIC/HAC but i think around 25 days because as you remember is needed propulsion Jamming V.

You can inject a full injector as is without penalty can low the days by 7 aprox.

Answer the thread if interested.

I’ll take her

Plase send the Isk and accname, answer here and i transfer in less than an hour (i am in work and need go to other computer)

Isk sent, accname in reason

Received but i think tou put a wrong account

kiler (name) i assume is with TWO Letter l, is right ? please confirm

Transfer was done one moment ago, thanks for the business.

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