WTS focused WH moros pilot


Ez soloing C5/C6

T2 Cap guns with LVL4 spec
LVL 4 dread
Good core skills

Has good standigs(cal/amarr)
JDO lvl5 in 10 days
Remap available
All ccp rules, located in 4-4
Plex transfer

Do you have a minimum / buyout in mind? Also, I see you only have T1 siege. Are you doing the login event for the 1M SP?

Waiting for any reasonable offers. I have zero wasted sp here, need around 4.6mil more sp to get awesome pilot.
Yep, doing event


Thanks for offer.
Ill start at 15b as isk that i can get for extracting character.

16bil is ready

16.5bil is ready



18b. Request you only take bidding increments in 1b from now on to expedite this bidding war.


20 bil


Sorry was extremly busy IRL, tomorrow ill say suggest what to do.

21 bil

22 Bil


23b isk rdy

23.5 Bil

24bill bo