WTS Freighter Pilot 5M SP Toon

Moving cap components in null with an Ity 5? Ready to start working with a High Sec logistics corp ? Just tired of flying faster than 100m/s?

Well, Kelly Terror here is for sale. She can fly the Charon. She also has Caldari Frigate V and is about 5 days from a stealth bomber and 8 days from DST and blockade runners.

She has a positive wallet, positive sec status, in high sec, no kill rights or jump clones. 2 bonus remaps available, 3rd remap available 2/26/2019.

Lets start at 4B. Thanks for looking!

NOTE: There seems to be some confusion as to whether this character can actually fly a freighter. Due to skill requirement changes in the past, Freighter skills now require Advanced Spaceship Command to be trained to V. This was not always the case. Kelly trained the Freighter skill BEFORE those requirement changes and so can fly the Charon without ASC V. One can skill Caldari Freighter up to V if one so desired and could skill into JF’s without ever having to train Advanced Spaceship command to V (You’d only need to train to IV). That makes this about the cheapest freighter pilot, and soon to be JF pilot you can find.

Edit: skills- https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kelly_Terror#5a

Daily Bumb

I’ll do 4 bill for her.

I suppose that’ll work. Send isk, I’ll initiate the transfer.

Buyer has not responded since original post. Wanted 5B anyhow. Continuing on.

you referring to me? im still happy to purchase

No thanks. I came to my senses. I appreciate the bid though.

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4.5 bil buyout offer

5 bill my offer

Thanks, TS Love.

I’ll accept 5 bil. Send isk and I’ll initiate the transfer.

Good Morning, thank you, I will send the 5 bil today, ( I am now under way to work, i think around 14:00 UTC i can do the ISK transfer)

ISK 5 bil. transfered

Account details sent in game.

Seller transferred my ISK back (thank you) immediately, when he or she realized that character transfer will work only with CC payment and not with PLEX.

Thank you

is this character still for sale?

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