WTS Freighter / Transport / Science / Industry Pilot 7.5M SP


  • 7.5M SP
  • Amarr Freighter
  • Amarr Transporter
  • Science & Industry skills
  • Positive wallet
  • 2 remaps

Start Bid: 5b
Auction ends at DT 18/06

5.1B OK?

6b (and apparently I need 5 characters in my reply so here they are)

@Cho_Shang 6,2B BO, isk ready if u want easy sale without hassle.

6.5 bill bid

One question . In eve skillboard I dont see that u have advance spaceship command 5 . Then how can this char fly a freighter without it ?

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Hi Kaav, since this character have trained the freighter skill before the skill requirement change, so she can still fly the freighter even without advance spaceship command 5. Please check this post:


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The auction will end at DT 18/06, happy bidding.


My bid of 6.5 bill still stands

I bid 6.7 bill.

7 Bill B/O

ISK ready and looking for a quick transaction

-> 7,2 Bill

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@Aelshyrra 7.2b offer accepted, please send me your account info and money in game.

7.5 bill bid if transfer not done

I can send in 1 H i´m at work.

So Isk send and Account Data send via in Game Mail.

Since new offer raised before transaction, I will extend this auction to 12PM eve time today(5 hours to go from now). @Kaav_Dryan @Aelshyrra so could you guys please show your hands to finish this quickly?

i send you the money and you accepted my offer so transaction is done.

The owner can terminate the transaction at anytime if he wishes . If so then he will return you the isk

If he terminate than he must do this now. I wand my mony back a.s.a.p. Here are many more chars with fair traders.

@Cho_Shang It looks like the other party is not interested to bid higher … So I would like to initiate this transaction asap. thanks :slight_smile: