WTS Hel/Rag/Rorq pilot 82mil SP- Just in time for the big war!

Pos Sec Status
NPC Corp
Located in Hisec
I will pay Transfer
Positive wallet
Docked in Jita 4-4

Minmatar Carrier V
Minmatar Titan V
DD Rapidfiring V
T2 XL Projectiles


Hunters Quiver
Glacial Drift

Also has Snowline Bladeracer for Nid and Nag

Starting bid 75B
B/O Make a good offer that values the titan skillbook and the headhunter skin at least partially


To the top we go

Up we go

Buy me!

72bil offer good 24 hours only

Looking for a bit more thanks for the offer though

Bump it up, a little more
get the party going on the dance floor

Let’s go, buy me now! I will even wash your space dishes!

Today’s special. 80b b/o price

To the top.we go! 80b b/o still valid

I would like to make again a 72bil offer for the weekend, still interested but not at your buy out price

Would you do 77?

bumping, no one wants a titan pilot today?

Bump on a Sunday afternoon