WTS Hel/Rag/Rorq pilot 82mil SP- Just in time for the big war!

Pos Sec Status
NPC Corp
Located in Hisec
I will pay Transfer
Positive wallet
Docked in Jita 4-4

Minmatar Carrier V
Minmatar Titan V
DD Rapidfiring V
T2 XL Projectiles


Hunters Quiver
Glacial Drift

Also has Snowline Bladeracer for Nid and Nag

Starting bid 75B
B/O Make a good offer that values the titan skillbook and the headhunter skin at least partially


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To the top we go

Up we go

Buy me!

72bil offer good 24 hours only

Looking for a bit more thanks for the offer though

Bump it up, a little more
get the party going on the dance floor

Let’s go, buy me now! I will even wash your space dishes!

Today’s special. 80b b/o price

To the top.we go! 80b b/o still valid

I would like to make again a 72bil offer for the weekend, still interested but not at your buy out price

Would you do 77?

bumping, no one wants a titan pilot today?

Bump on a Sunday afternoon

65bil offer

Thank you but I will pass, looking for a bit more and already passed on higher bids

No worries, let me know if you change your mind :slight_smile:

To the top we go

Up up up

Buy me now