Wts Hel & Wyvern me10 bpo-s

location Hi Sec

price 100b


still availableā€¦


i would probably ask much more for 6 years of research

prints are 10-14

Did you research them in jita 4-4 without undocking? It takes less than 2 years to get 10-14, with rigs and implants in an azbel in highsec

still availableā€¦

in 0.0 will less than 1.5years


looking for new homeā€¦

iā€™ll sell you the same for 60b. let me know if you are interested. your just asking to much babe

Please contract them i will accept asap. Thanks.

i tried u offline

Strange new game mechanicā€¦i have to be online in order for you to set up contract

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tou know the difference between me 8 and me 10 only save you 120m building a super right? so asking 28b more would cost the time build of 250 supers to make up the cost

All these stories no one cares to hear.

still availableā€¦

for saleā€¦

Will be able to research another set in less time than it will take you to sell these. Keep up the free bumps boys, he needs all the help he can get.