WTS In progress Nag toon


10.5M SP
All relevant Gunnery Support skills at V
has 3 remaps available
Currently 12 days away from AWU V

Has a set of ascendancies (mix of high/mid. With ws-610 implant)

All Nag relevant skillbooks are injected (also has amarr dread injected)

positive wallet, standings, etc…


Bids start at 10b. Buyout at 15b

10b bid

10.5b isk ready

10.75b isk bid

11b bid

Thanks for the bids y’all! Please keep em comin! But please bid in .5b increments atleast. Don’t want .01 isking here haha.

bump! Buyout dropped to 13b!


Bump! Only 2b more takes it home tonight. Really looking for that 13b for this guy. :slight_smile:


1.5b more! I’m online for the next 3 hours and cAn transfer asap

managed to make some isk somewhere else, if You can do 12b. it’s yours.

Offer the asking 13bil B/O

Deal, send isk/acc info to ryouto and i’ll transfer it asap.

ISK/Account name sent!

Transfer Started. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Pleasure doing business with you!

Character received, many thanks!

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