WTS - Industry/Fleet Support Pilot - 47m SP

47,000,003 Industry/Fleet Support

PW = 2007

Character in Itamo High Sec
Jump Clone in Perimeter High Sec
Republic Fleet Command Mindlink

Remap Available

No Kill Rights
Security Status 0
Isk Balance 0
Mackinaw Morphite Shine Skin

Starting bid 15b OBO


let me know when you are wanting to do the transfer, I am available today till 3AM Eastern Time.

you have to post with the toon your selling, if you do that then 16b from me

17b from me

This is the character for sale, my apologies, I thought I was on it when I posted.

i think we have reached agreement in game? confirm?

20bil ready

Agreement confirmed

isk and account details sent, thx for transaction o7

thank you for the transaction, transfer started at 0300 GMT

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