WTS myself can fly 2 dreads and all amarr ships up to dread 44m sp toon

Positive sec
Positive wallet
Will be in amarr
left corp
T2 Siege and guns for both dreads
I know this toon is a great toon cause of the time i put into it. it can fly all amarr ships up to Revelation and can fly a naglfar.
Looking for the right offer if not i can wait


31 billion

Daily bump and happy birthday to me

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Daily bump

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35 Billion

What price are you looking for for a buyout? I’m not willing to go much more over 35b, but I will not be extracting this character if it helps. Coming back after a while away and looking for a new toon with combat skills to use.

If not I can honestly wait for buyout. I’m playing another game in the spare time and am in no rush

Daily bump

Is it still available for 37.5b?

It was just for him but since youre asking before I deleted my message it’s still available for 37.5b

37.5b sounds good sending you the cash

Congrats on getting your guy sold !

dont send yet. im on my phone and wont be home for a few days. ill let you know when i get home as soon as i do

Thanks. sell your toon for higher

I’ll see if my brother can log in for me and do the transfer if you sent already

It’s already sent with account info