WTS PhaseDragon: 41 million SP

PhaseDragon - Eveboard
234 skills trained, for a total of 41,489,560 skillpoints - Training paused

Currently a member of Caldari Provisions and can be transferred immediately upon payment

Can fly Anshar jump freighter
Can fly Viator and Occator transport ship
Can fly covert ops with Covert Ops Cloak II
Can fly Proteus and Tengu T3 strategic cruisers
Can fly most Gallente and Caldari ships up to battleships

Near perfect Planetary Interaction skills
Good scanning skills
Excellent core skill base

Wallet is positive but will be 0 at time of transfer
No kill rights or bounties
Security status -0.05
Located in Hi-sec
4 jump clones

Starting bid 30 billion ISK

32.5 billion

33 bil

33.5 bil

34 bil

I will accept the highest bid on Monday


Auction closes 8:00pm MST / 3:00am EVE time (approx 24 hours from now)
Zorissa is currently the highest bidder at 34.5 billion ISK

Auction is closed. Zorissa Makanen is the winner with a bid of 34.5 Billion ISK.
I am online now. Please send your account name to transfer to after you send the ISK

You are the winner at 34.5 Billion ISK

Okie, give me a couple of hours, I have money to buy one char, so need to choose which one. Will be sending you isk in the evening.

Okie, I am buying this one, money and acc info have been sent

Character transferred. Thanks!

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