WTS Ragnarok/Hel/Nyx pilot 84.5mil SP

Be gone troll

last offer received?

there was an afterthought sorry

85 accepted
Send isk and account info, I can start transfer when I get home from work(about 11 hours from now)

no worries, reverting to the 80b offer I currently have in game, character will sell once buyer has all of the isk accumulated

Waiting for final confirmation on a buyer, possibly final bump

Current bid is 80b, buyer is acquiring the isk. If i do not have another offer that is 85b or more when he has his isk ready it will sell

to the top

up we go

Up we go, current bid still 80b

topward bound

up we go

buyer has not responded 80b will take me

Up we go, fly a titan while the US eats turkey!

55b offer

No thank you

Up up up

Monday morning bump

US TZ bump

Thanksgiving eve bump