WTS Ragnarok Starter (or general cap toon) 9m SP

(Steyr Augmented) #1


Minmatar Titan injected (5b)
All Carrier skillbooks injected (2b)
Capital Ships injected (400m)

No Wasted SP for a Titan toon

Positive sec status, located in Jita
Positive wallet

Sansha Victory Skin Injected, among others:

21b buyout, obo

Interested in a unique deal? Either mail this character or respond here, I’m open to all ideas :slight_smile:

(Steyr Augmented) #2

Need a cheap titan toon? Need a cheap cap toon?

Look no further and make an offer here!*

*terms and conditions may apply

(Johny Rambo) #3

Please note this character can’t use any caps nor titans.

(Steyr Augmented) #4

Congratulations on reading the title, it is a starter toon after all :slight_smile:

Thank you for the bump.

(Josh Yatolila) #5

10 bil

(Steyr Augmented) #6

Let’s plan to end this auction on Wednesday (when I get back from a short trip).


(Josh Yatolila) #7

my offer expires in 24 hours

(Josh Yatolila) #8

Bid retracted.

(Steyr Augmented) #9

Bump. Looking to close the auction on Wednesday still.

(Azilie) #10

4 Bil

(Rex Reptiluis) #11

6 billion leave or take it

(Steyr Augmented) #13

I appreciate the offers, but let’s look for a minimum bid of at least 9b. (or at least above extraction value lmao)

Bump. .

(Niska Talvanen) #14

Will bid 9b. Offer expires in 24 hrs

(Chamomile Tea) #15

9.5b bid

(Niska Talvanen) #16

All yours

(Baltizar) #17

Is this still for sale… mail me in game for isk and transfer details

(Pussyclot Pahineh) #18

In game offer 12b made - isk and account details sending

(Steyr Augmented) #19

Confirmed. Awaiting isk and account info.

(Pussyclot Pahineh) #20

Isk and account details sent, awaiting transfer.

(Steyr Augmented) #21

Transfer started, have fun and fly safe:)