WTS Ragnarok Starter (or general cap toon) 9m SP


Minmatar Titan injected (5b)
All Carrier skillbooks injected (2b)
Capital Ships injected (400m)

No Wasted SP for a Titan toon

Positive sec status, located in Jita
Positive wallet

Sansha Victory Skin Injected, among others:

21b buyout, obo

Interested in a unique deal? Either mail this character or respond here, I’m open to all ideas :slight_smile:

Need a cheap titan toon? Need a cheap cap toon?

Look no further and make an offer here!*

*terms and conditions may apply

Please note this character can’t use any caps nor titans.

Congratulations on reading the title, it is a starter toon after all :slight_smile:

Thank you for the bump.

10 bil

Let’s plan to end this auction on Wednesday (when I get back from a short trip).


my offer expires in 24 hours

Bid retracted.

Bump. Looking to close the auction on Wednesday still.

4 Bil

6 billion leave or take it

I appreciate the offers, but let’s look for a minimum bid of at least 9b. (or at least above extraction value lmao)

Bump. .

Will bid 9b. Offer expires in 24 hrs

9.5b bid

All yours

Is this still for sale… mail me in game for isk and transfer details

In game offer 12b made - isk and account details sending

Confirmed. Awaiting isk and account info.

Isk and account details sent, awaiting transfer.

Transfer started, have fun and fly safe:)