WTS Raven Statue Issue

Would you be interested in 1T and a Moracha?
I am currently offline for life stuff but will log in for PoL and acceptance

Not located in SHjITa

I have Moracha’s and I am not sure I agree with their current value of over 1T, but mail me or message me on discord and we can discuss it further if you’d like

I sold one for 1.2 and agree with you :stuck_out_tongue:
Send me a request
Jenna Marie Estes#1822

pending sale at 2.5t isk value

Waiting on DC

@Bluemelon Possibly to late to the party but i mailed you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No reply from Minnie it seems.

Responded @Phoenix_Pryde - feel free to mail me or get in touch via discord!

Still here as have been
Confirmed Isk was send to the player I was going to have move it (From the exact station I asked and already knew it was in) (Not the first time you trolled the sale to me)
I even afford you your asking price last year already knowing the number you were looking for
I will degres

I wanted something special for someone and you knew this…
Butthat is not your fashion
Trust me


you stopped responding completely after I sent you the contract.
This is now pending sale of Phoenix Pryde


So much drama


Thanks all


Sorry was yelling in DC

A LOT of real collector s will LOVE to see the contract you made to P

I offered you 2.5 yputlr asking for year to year two year