WTS Rorqual and Orca pilot 24msp

(Doot Johnson) #1


As per description

Maxed out orca
Maxed out boosts plus mindlink
All jump skills
Can run capital construction jobs
6 days from t2 indy core
Just needs cap industrial training to 5 for max rorqual
2 Remaps ready to go

Located in highsec, npc corp, positive wallet, no killrights

28 bil

(Brann Skye) #2

I’ll start you off with 20B

(Bur Ganbap) #4

22B :slight_smile:

(Brann Skye) #5

24B B/O offer

(Doot Johnson) #6

Will need to see a bit more than 24 if I’m going to sell

(Brann Skye) #7

What’s the mininum you’re willing to see it go for?

(Dux Pike) #8

25 b/o

(Brann Skye) #9


(Doot Johnson) #10

I need to see 26.5 minimum

(Brann Skye) #11

How about we meet in the middle at 26

(Dux Pike) #12

26.5 B/O

(Doot Johnson) #13

I will accept the offer of 26.5 bill from dux Pike. If you send the isk to this character along with an evemail of the account name to be transferred to I will start the transfer process as soon as I get home in an hour

(Dux Pike) #14

Isk and mail with account name sent to Doot Johnson

(Doot Johnson) #15

Isk and account name received, initiating transfer now

(system) #16

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