WTS Shield / Nano Super Pilot - 45M SP


PW = 123

Starting Bid 35B

BO 40B

Wallet status positive, no kill rights, no jump clones, mid-grade ascendency pod, character currently in Amamake, but can be moved to Jita


35b offer

Also could you clarify: wallet balance negative or positive, kill rights, jump clone locations and current location of character please?

sure thing, give me 5 minutes. i’ll update the original post

if you move it to jita, i’ll pay 36b. isk is ready

Deal, i will be paying for the transfer with PLEX, so it might take a couple of days. Does that work for you?

Nevermind, apparently this is no longer possible. Let me get back to you on that…

I think you can only pay cash to transfer

Yeah, well i’ll pay cash then. Please transfer 36bil to Friedel Aivoras and I will start the transfer

Uh forum rules say that I can only transfer to Admiral Chomp. Would you be ok with transferring the isk out from Admiral Chomp to Friedel Aivoras?

Ah yeah sure. Sorry, havent transfered a character in a while lol

All good, gotta put the character into an NPC corp too.

Done lol

36B Transferred to Admiral Chomp, please transfer the isk out then transfer him to account name: (removed)

Transfer started

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