WTS: Stripped Caldari carrier pilot 4.5b


In perimeter
Positive standings
50k SP from JJCV
2 Bonus remaps


4.5b BO

3.75 bil

4.0 bil :grimacing:

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would like .5 more but if no one takes for 4.5 in the next 6hrs its all yours

Wando, can you put the evskillboard.com link ? maybe i can pay a little more (4.2) but need check something first

Which link? What you linked me is dead. I’m current on the east coast and without power

ok sorry



Thanks for the link, sorry i pass.

Toon is yours. Send isk and account info and I’ll send e it up as soon as power is on

I’ll go 4.1 if still available

Sorry the only snipe I will consider is the bo

ok no worries.

Ive got it ready to go now if you change your mind

If dude doesn’t reply in 2hrs go ahead send send account and isk and its yours

Will transfer as soon as I get home

Considering you the winner now. Let me know when you send. Please pm me the account info. I’m without power still but will log in and transfer with my laptop.

Will do. Cheers

Isk and account info sent

Recieved. Will transfer asap

Target user is already involved in a character transfer.

Got another account to trans to?