WTS Tribute Rental Corp + all stations/rigs/pocos/pos

I own a rental corp in Tribute that has stations set up for maximum industry/Moon Mining/Planet Interaction.

Level 5 military index with ALL arrays installed.
Level 3 industry index
No ice mining belts
All 8 planets have corp Pocos
Corp rent is easily covered by players in corp ratting

  • Fortizar is anti cap fitted, market and clone mods installed

-Azbel is anti cap fitted, 26 bil in Rigs and mods. Set up for blueprint copying and capital production

-Athanor is anti cap fit, rigged for maximum reprocessing. And is set up on a moon and extracting now.

-Raitaru is being anchored and will be done in 2 days.

-Pos is up for corp carriers/supercarriers that have to leave fighters out and warp away

Looking for around 110 billion. If i unanchor everything, liquidate and receive my deposit back for the stations I can easily jita sell it all for 75-80 billion. I would obviously lose the rigs.

Please send a private message to myself, or post any and all offers. Serious inquiries only as I’ll be unanchoring stations in a week.

Buyout - 110 bil

please evemail me… I am unable to send you a message ingame. Want more info

Evemail sent. — Daily bump

Don’t miss this chance. Multiple rorq pilots in corp!

Few days left before stations are unanchored

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