XCom Navy [FCON] is Recruiting Industrial Pilots for 0.0

XC0M Navy is recruiting intrepid industry-focused pilots seeking to exploit the riches of 0.0 space. We are a proud member of the Fidelas Constans Alliance and loyal comrades to our fellow members of the Phoenix Federation. We are a mature, drama-free community invested in each other’s mutual success.

What we offer:

• Content, content, content!
• Alliance ops, fun fleets, roams
• High-quality space for ratting and mining
• Boosted corporate mining ops
• Alliance SRP for Alliance ops
• Ample Alliance and corporation infrastructure for logistics and industry
• Corporate production projects, including capital ship production (opportunities for pilots of all 
      industrial skill levels)
• Competitive buyback programs (PI, ore, production targets)
• Planetary interaction. 2% alliance POCO tax and a competitive buyback program lets you 
      maximize your passive ISK earning.
• Corporate level logistics free to member pilots
• ISK bonuses to top PAPs earners (great for folks that love space violence)
• Plenty of opportunities for profiteering

What we require:

• Full APIs
• Be willing to help out in Alliance fleets
• Be willing to train into at least 2-3 Alliance fleet doctrines to be useful in said fleets
• Omega clones

Who we are looking for:

• Primarily industry-minded pilots looking to exploit the glories of quality null space
• Cool people that don't take themselves too seriously
• Mature, drama-free space nerds
• Pilots of high moral character
• US and AU TZ pilots preferred
• Perfect for high-sec industrialists looking to make the plunge to 0.0
• Dog people*

*Cat people are fine too, but I’m allergic

We would not be a good fit for you if you:

• Are easily triggered by space violence
• Have zero interest in industrial activities
• Have zero interest in joining at least the occasional alliance fleet
• Are "That guy"

All interested pilots should contact Caurannus Decks or Kurokuma Inkura in-game or visit our recruiting channel: XCMI.R


Still recruiting ahead of moon mining changes. Come check us out.

We are still looking for a few good pilots to join our family. Appropriate for newer and older players alike: Vets, grab a doctrine fit kit and jump into non-stop fleets. Newbros, whether you are new to the game, new to Alliance/Coalition operations, or just new to nullsec, XCom Navy offers a drama-free environment to make ISK and get into fights.

We’ve had great responses, looking for a few more.

Recruitment is still open.

Like shooting rocks? Like shooting others? Come do both!

Looking for a few more cap builders that love space violence.

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