XL disintegrater Specialization

does anyone know why there is no such skill? but there is the empire racial versions, Laser, Hybrid, missles and finally Projectiles…


Who knows, might be to come.

There could be more to come in the form of more T2 ships.

There is a lot of unknowns here, we’ve seen three NPC corps added, with possible npc standings and agents to come.

It’s still a new addition to the game.

Triglavian agent would be nice.

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Was some talk about epic arc, not sure where i read about that.

So if this is true, then it makes sense agent would be needed to be added.

Wonder what sort of LP store items would there be! :star_struck:

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My guess is it’s because there’s not a T2 XL disintegrator weapon nor any T2 XL ammo, which is what the other skills are used for.



That ^

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