Yassavi Family Deploys Titan Squadron To Floseswin

Yassavi Family Deploys Titan Squadron To Floseswin

Felil Aveen Makbema, Correspondent


Over the last several days Lord Yassavi dispatched extensive reinforcements to the Yassivi Family forces already deployed in the family’s citadel above Floseswin IV. Many conservative analysts and some historians have come forward challenging the wisdom of this deployment.

The traditionalists contend that the Yassivi Family ships present in Floseswin, while consisting solely of sturdy and thoroughly modern vessels, are insufficient to support the number of capital ships now on station.

Despite a muted response from serving officers at large, Sarum Commodore Fehrnah Khamsi whose high-profile successes in actions against the Blood Raiders have made them the darling of many a Mekhios drawing room is unreserved in their praise. “I’ve served my whole adult life and never seen an Avatar fire its weapons in anger, putting three of them on a small station like Floseswin, it’s bold.”

Analysts in the Imperial Navy HQ on Dam-Torsad, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media, told the Times that they expected the Republic Fleet would need to concentrate their forces in the system and weaken their blockade of the planet in response. These additional super capital assets and the Yassavi Family Fortizar they are berthed at are expected to be a constant headache for the Republic Fleet.

Ignoring both his detractors and defenders. Anosh, Lord Yassavi of Shalus refused to answer any questions, stating only that “it is enough to know that we are here, we intend to remain, and there is a hearth to be shared with any among the faithful who will stand with us.”


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